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In some depictions, such a device may make use of an ordinary telephone receiver in order to speak to and hear the person on the other end, but most often characters usually just talk to the screen.

Like Flying Cars, Ray Guns, and, of course, Jet Packs, this is one of the most frequently observed tropes in depictions of The Future and originally popularized in the Raygun Gothic era of Science Fiction, but where most of these ubiquitous genre tropes remain absent from our reality, the Video Phone has been publicly available in one form or another since ; the German government ran public videophone booths prior to WWII, though these early trial services were disrupted by the war.

Many almost-identical programmes have established themselves in Europe (mainly on Hot Bird) since 2001, and in the United Kingdom (mainly on Sky) since the beginning of Babestation in 2002.

Despite this constant attention and the relative simplicity of the technology involved (Alexander Graham Bell himself talked about the possibility), lack of consumer interest kept it from going anywhere; the honest truth was that it seemed that despite all the sci-fi attention it received, the public didn't really videophones, at least not at any significant price (apparently, those who wanted to see video phones in common use didn't bother to consider the fact that having the other person not being able to see your facial expression or any rude gesture you might feel like showing is arguably one of the more useful features of a regular phone).

Compare: Comm Links, for another Sci-Fi phone equivalent.

See Also: Pay Phone and Phone Booth for more contemporary uses.

"Adult" conversations and datings are the predominant issues.