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You are qualified for admission to university if you are a New Zealand citizen or a holder of a New Zealand residence class visa, you do not have the entrance qualifications described above but you will be at least 20 years of age by the final date for acceptance of late enrolment applications for the enrolment period in which your proposed programme of study commences.

READ MORE: * Horse-lover Harriet set for chat with hero * Float theft mirrors fiction for author Our interview takes place at Gregg's apartment in Parnell, housed in a building vaguely reminiscent of an Escher painting.

We had settled into wobbly wicker chairs with cups of tea when Gregg got up to scrounge her implants from the sideboard - she's unexpectedly candid for a former journalist.

A range of online self-assessment tools are available under the Learning section of the Massey University website that will help you gauge your readiness for university study.

Massey University offers short university preparation courses that are an excellent way for mature students to refresh study skills.

The orbs of silicone and saline - vaguely discoloured after six years - were meant to be temporary.

They had since been replaced with more permanent fixtures.

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