Start Android widget textview not updating

Android widget textview not updating

*/ private static void autofit(Text View view, Text Paint paint, float min Text Size, float max Text Size, int max Lines, float precision) /** * Creates a new instance of [email protected] Autofit Helper} that wraps a [email protected] Text View} and enables * automatically sizing the text to fit.

Text View#set Compound Drawables Relative(Drawable, Drawable, Drawable, * Drawable) */ public static void set Compound Drawables Relative(Text View text View, Drawable start, Drawable top, Drawable end, Drawable bottom) /** * Sets a list item.

* * @param activity the activity * @param view the list item view * @param is Recording true if recording * @param is Paused true if paused * @param icon Id the icon id * @param icon Content Description Id the icon content description id * @param name the name value * @param shared Owner if shared with me track, the owner, else null * @param total Time the total time value * @param total Distance the total distance value * @param marker Count the marker count * @param start Time the start time value * @param use Relative Time true to display relative time if appropriate * @param category the category value * @param description the description value * @param photo Url the photo url */ @Suppress Warnings("deprecation") public static void set List Item(Activity activity, View view, boolean is Recording, boolean is Paused, int icon Id, int icon Content Description Id, String name, String shared Owner, String total Time, String total Distance, int marker Count, long start Time, boolean use Relative Time, String category, String description, String photo Url) /** * Add two transaction for Dining Out.

But in real world scenario, it is not recommended to use one second repeating alarm because it drains the battery fast.