Start Are shane and danielle from bb14 dating

Are shane and danielle from bb14 dating

Advising Kara not to talk to Willie before nominations was one of the biggest mistakes I made in the game.

One House Guest, known as the Head of Household, must nominate two of their fellow House Guests for eviction.

Opposed to freaking out then and there and reassuring him he wasn’t getting evicted, I did my best to play it off and not put Frank into full panic mode (because I was after slipping! This conversation led to an immediate Diary Room session for the both of us and I could tell it became an instant story line.

Sometimes slip-ups matter big time in this game, lucky for me, it didn’t really cost me anything except a day of paranoia.

Favorite Activities: Working out, renovating houses, hitting golf balls off my deck into the woods and spending time with my friends and family.