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Bbcode by confirm dating group password powered site web

If you have a wiki that anyone on the web can edit, I’d recommend nofollow on those links until you can find a way to trust those links.

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Dietmar Morley wrote: Funnily enough I just took a call from a French colleague (different one) who confirmed Hangarette just means small shed so in aircraft terms it's a small hangar for just one or two aircraft, in farming terms it's a shed for one or two tractors or small items of equipment. Factories would normally have a 'Flight Shed' for operating the flying aircraft from.

The colleague I mentioned is an aircraft manager at Airbus military by the way.

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In its simplest form it would seem that a hangarette is a shelter for a single aircraft. The English originally used the word shed but the prolific use of Bessoneau hangars probably helped to change common terminology.

In my search for a definition I found a document on the CIA website entitled COMMUNIST DEFENSE AGAINST AERIAL SURVEILLANCE IN SOUTHEAST ASIA ( gov/library/center-for-the-study...l/v14i2a03p_0001). Many French terms in flight were used in the early days Vol Plané is another example pre-dating 'glide'.

which forum members may find interesting, if not strictly relevant to the thread. I can assure all that the use of the word 'Shed' has never gone away...