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Hermione: That symbol is the symbol of the Deathly Hallows. Ron: ohhhhhhh just tell me what the symbol means not your whole life story.

Harry: Haven't you ever heard the tale of the 3 brothers? Hermione: Ok, ok, the triangle represents the cloak of invisibility which was given to the youngest son, the circle represents to resurrection stone given to the middle son, and the line represents the elder wand, most powerful wand in the world.

Large feature requests should not be included here, but should be described in separate PEPs; however a large feature request that doesn't have its own PEP can be listed here until its own PEP is created. This PEP was created to allow us to close bug reports that are really feature requests.

Marked as Open, they distract from the list of real bugs (which should ideally be less than a page). The procedure now is: if a bug report is really a feature request, add the feature request to this PEP; mark the bug as "feature request", "later", and "closed"; and add a comment to the bug saying that this is the case (mentioning the PEP explicitly).

The rest of this document is retained for historical purposes only.

This PEP contains a list of feature requests that may be considered for future versions of Python.

YOU ARE READING Random Hey you (: For a bit of fun, and a laugh, read the Facebook conversations that the Harry Potter cast have in their spare time! Hermione: Well, the story of the 3 brothers goes like this Harry: There were once 3 Brothers who came across a river and since they were gifted by magic... Death guarded this river and he was enraged that the 3 brothers thought they could just build a bridge and walk over his river.