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Cherie currie dating

So just how accurate is “The Runaways,” the new movie celebrating the pioneering female rock group that included Joan Jett, Lita Ford and Cherie Currie? Did Kim Fowley have local boys throw dog poop at the girls to toughen them up? It”s not the real story, but it”s not far from the story either. And again, it says we got a record deal on the road. It”s hard for me to be objective because it”s my life and Joan”s life that we”re talking about here. We went to Europe and he had his in shadow boxes, so of course we”d do anything that Robert Plant told us to do. And they busted us in Dover on the way to Paris before we jumped on the ferry. And [road manager] Scott Anderson had stashed some of his cocaine in my makeup case…We signed off on all our luggage and all of a sudden it occurs to me while I”m sitting in this cell with the girls, “Oh my God, his coke is in my makeup case and I”m going to stay in Europe the rest of my life in prison! A: What happened was this really nice guard felt sorry for us because they were really treating us badly. Europe was really tough for me, The punk movement had just come into play and they were violent and they were throwing knives at us on stage and I was just really homesick…But this guard just became very protective of me and he was the one that searched the luggage and he found it because he was looking at me. Q: What do you think when you see Dakota Fanning on screen playing you? I mean if there”s any little thing, I”d say it and Boom, it was done.

In her interview, Jett talked about everything from Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of her, being a girl trying to play rock in the 70s and the film’s frank depiction of sexuality.

Like, what was it like being a teenage girl who wanted to play guitar in the 1970s?

And she and I spent quite a bit of time together in the studio: she did all of the recording [of the songs in the film] with me there.

I would sit in the vocal booth with her, and Joan would be out there with Kristen when she was doing her vocals. All your time with the Runaways was over by the time you were 18. I wouldn’t be the mother I am today had I not experienced those things.

In addition to Pettyfer, Pattinson and Hoult, Riley is also rumored to have dated Ashlee Simpson's ex Ryan Cabrera and actor/comedian Jonah Hill.

If Pattinson is in fact dating the up-and-coming actress, do you think this is the real thing, or just a summer fling?

It’s particularly honest about the problems your father and your sister had.

How did it feel revisiting such difficult but also exciting times?

My dad was so wonderful to us and such a terrific guy: there’s only so much you can do in a film that’s only an hour and a half long, and there are things that I wish could have been in there as well.

In the film, Dakota Fanning plays you and Kristen Stewart plays Joan Jett. We met quite a few times, and I was on the set as much as I could be.

Watching her life play out on the big screen is an experience the 51-year-old called “pretty surreal.”Jett and her longtime manager Kenny Laguna executive produced the project based on the book by fellow Runaway Cherie Currie’s 1989 autobiography, .