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Codes for trials for adult chat sites

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When a defendant is either found not competent to stand trial and committable or competent and committable (commitment criteria under T. The RMHI regularly reports to the court on the defendant’s committability and progress toward competency to stand trial. The individual remains in the hospital as long as he/she remains committable. A.§33-7-301(a) (4)) During the post-conviction stage of a criminal proceeding, if it is believed that a defendant is incompetent to assist counsel in preparation for, or otherwise participate in, the post-conviction proceeding, the court may, upon its own motion, order that the defendant be evaluated on either an outpatient or inpatient basis, as may be appropriate.

Adult Post-Trial Services A post-trial evaluation (T. A.§33-7-303(a)) is an outpatient evaluation of an adult that has been found by the court not criminally responsible or “not guilty by reason of insanity”. Following the outpatient evaluation, if the court finds that the individual meets commitment criteria, the court can issue an order for indefinite hospitalization under T. When no longer committable, the defendant may be released to the community with follow-up mental health services by an outpatient provider or released with supervision in the community under Mandatory Outpatient Treatment (Title 33, Chapter 6, Part 6, Tennessee Code Annotated). If the defendant is indigent, the amount and payment of the costs for any such evaluation shall be determined and paid for by the administrative office of the courts.

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