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I had lost my last pair of cufflinks and had no idea how much I was supposed to pay for a new pair. Sprezza Box is a subscription box designed to introduce you to items you didn’t know you needed, or could at the very least use another set of.

Taura likes to have fun with her style; on any given day, her look can be described as “punk rock,” “skater” or “pin-up” inspired.

While brainstorming Valentine’s Day looks for this couple, I wanted to be sure to infuse their personal style while elevating it to a dressy, Date Night vibe.

While I was doubtful at first, after receiving a box, the usefulness of Sprezza Box presented itself fairly quickly.

The box I received, pictured above, came complete with six items: a pair of dress socks from Paul Evans (an Insider Picks favorite for dress shoes), a tie from Countess Mara, a business card holder, a small sample of laundry detergent from Frey, a pair of cufflinks and collar stays.

For $28 a month, Sprezza Box is a great value, even better when you consider that each box is guaranteed to have a retail value of close to $100.

If you’re looking for a simple way to keep up with the needs of the modern gentleman, or simply feel like getting some suave gear delivered to your door once a month, Sprezza Box might be right for you.

While good looks can give you an unfair advantage in some walks of life, you’d be wrong to assume that being attractive comes without its pitfalls. Conventionally attractive women have come together in their masses via social site Reddit to voice their negative experiences with one user asking, “Do you have any stories where your attractiveness has actually been a disadvantage? Not being taken seriously at work – a place many women found to be fuelled by implicit sexist prejudices. They assume that I'm stupid and even when I prove that I'm not, there's still that feeling,” one woman admitted.

While there are of course some definite perks, it turns out that the bubble of beauty can make certain aspects of life much more difficult. “It's even been implied that I'd do best as a trophy wife by a manager before.” Other agreed adding, “I'm fairly young (mid twenties) and was told by the HR person in charge of the hiring committee that I didn't have a chance because older male co-workers won’t take me seriously and could get distracted.” Even someone’s husband-to-be chipped in about his partner’s bad experience at work, “Sounds like my fiancé.

Just ten days later I revealed she was dating handsome publishing heir Dan Macmillan, heir to the Earl of Stockton.

Sienna, however, kept her options open, and soon afterwards she was linked with The Boat That Rocked star, Tom Sturridge, 25.

Valencia Shanelle, a local designer and recent graduate of Northwood University, was able to bring my Valentine’s Day vision to life for Taura with this custom-made, dramatic, floor-length skirt that is nothing short of fantastic.