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Community club | The Emirates is located within the heart of multicultural London Charlie Charalambous, a Greek Cypriot Gunners fan and season-ticket holder from Enfield, north London explains how his community was drawn to the club. The Greeks and Cypriots settled in London when they moved here between the 1950s, 60s and 70s," he said."The Greek Cypriot community moved over here because they were part of the Commonwealth.

Foreign investors will want to withdraw their holdings and locals will try to take out money and place it under their pillows, said Nicolas.

Larnaca is located on the south east coast of Cyprus and enjoys mild winters and long hot summers, making it one of the most popular resorts on the island.

Constantine's oldest son, Crown Prince Pavlos, still lives in Chelsea with his wife, Marie-Chantal, and their five blonde children, the Greeces.

As for many other rich tribes - Russians, Gulf Arabs, Nigerians - London is the place to be, for business, for the law, for the education system and for security.

Larnaca is also home to several religious sites of importance. Lazarus (Agios Lazarus) is built over the tomb of St.

Lazarus and his marble sarcophagus can be seen inside the 9th century church which also houses a small museum.

'The guy's worth £200m, but as it's all out of the country, he's claiming £140 or £200 a month back home - and he found it very funny,' says a Greek friend of mine, who also works in shipping, from his beige office in Mayfair. King George II of Greece lived in Brown's Hotel while in exile in the Thirties and during the Second World War - 'The most important tool for a king of Greece is a suitcase,' he joked at the time.

His nephew, the ousted King Constantine II, lived in a house overlooking Hampstead Heath from the early Seventies until three years ago, when he and his wife, Queen Anne-Marie, moved back to Athens.

The Cyprus dispute (also known as Cyprus issue or Cyprus problem) is an ongoing dispute, which started as anti-colonial struggle but quickly evolved into a dispute over power-sharing between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.

Following the 1974 war, the dispute has been complicated further because of the presence of Turkey in north Cyprus, including the stationing of military forces, which Greek Cypriots object and the UN has often deplored in reports and resolutions.

"The Germans want to get rid of Cyprus as a financial center. Some experts believe that giant reserves of natural gas will be discovered in Cyprus within the next two years.