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Data updating

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You can read about our caching model in detail in our blog post, “Graph QL Concepts Visualized”.

By default, Apollo identifies objects based on two properties: The These IDs allow Apollo Client to reactively tell all queries that fetched a particular object about updates to that part of the store.

For most relationships, this can be done by updating either foreign key fields or navigation properties.

For many-to-many relationships, the Entity Framework doesn't expose the join table directly, so you add and remove entities to and from the appropriate navigation properties.

After the rows are deleted, they are replaced along with new rows by a single insert operation from the staging table.

Use this method if all of the following are true: If any of these criteria do not apply, use Merge Method 2: Specifying a column list, described in the following section.

Use this method to update specific columns in the target table instead of overwriting entire rows.