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Dating 1 minute interview

I’ve flown all morning, I have been patted down, strip searched and seated next to the chattiest person imaginable. It is so impressive when you know my background without having to refer to it.

Rachel is a writer, speaker, media commentator, and ride or die chick. One of the main things I realized is that even though I (mostly) thought I was over my ex, I was far from it.

She recently went on ninety-two dates on one year as Ms. To learn about Rachel’s business, check out her website at I recently connected with Rachel and asked her a few questions about dating, breakups and everything in between. Although at times, it seemed like I moved on-as I did develop a genuine affection for another man or two- my heart was still with him. The lesson I learned is that we can’t rush ourselves in the process of getting over a past relationship.

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