Start Dating a serial monogamist

Dating a serial monogamist

Surely we can all agree on one thing: Taylor Swift is a free woman.

According to my HS, dating is fun but can result in a hollow experience after a while.

The serial dater, a REAL serial dater () enjoys the game, likes the hunt, sets the snares and designs the traps, then Whammo!

I can’t imagine a situation where a date would get in the way of my parenting, or prevent me from responding to a text or call from them within a few minutes.

It’s best if I keep my focus on the aspects of my life that I am still trying to change or evolve.

Being a serial monogamist is not necessarily a bad thing.

It could just mean that you connect quickly with other people and tend to be most comfortable in intense, one-on-one relationships.

I’m not sure where that leads them, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the right direction for me. Post-divorce I had ideas that I would go out and become a serial dater. My buddy, KP, confesses to being a casual dater with no intention of settling down, or even slowing down. How could I really be 100% available for what’s next, when I’m not there myself. I am writing up a storm, though I know poetry and self-revelatory recovery books won’t provide a roof over my head.

If a woman doesn’t have long-term potential, I’m not all that interested in spending time with her. It’s not that I am making long-term designs on a woman in the first months of a relationship.

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But thanks to the songs that have fueled her rise to the top of the pop-star pyramid, it's become impossible to separate Swift, the woman, from Swift, the starring character in her own long-running, ingeniously packaged relationship drama.