Start Dating congolese men

Dating congolese men

We have heard enough stories about how Kenyan women borrowed loans for their Nigerian boyfriends to pay for ‘containers with goods worth millions’ stuck at the port only for the Nigerian man to disappear. You have never been immersed in so much love and affection. He will even paint your toenails and shampoo your hair. He even gives you money before you ask for it because ‘you are special and you deserve it’.

We both had a great deal in common, and had a true connection.

Many African men will even use Christianity to justify a lot of the undesirable aspects of African culture in order to oppress the black wife, as if he were some sort of Jekyll and Hyde and can assume either persona perfectly, depending on the race of the woman he is married to.

Going back to the wedding, I tried hard to remember if I had ever been to a black wedding where the groom joined in when the bride’s family performed their traditional dances.

Tklabelle: Is there anyone on this forum who has dated a girl from either Congo? However those things that initially attracts you, later become a nuisance.

Or a girl from these nations that have dated a Naija brother? What were the good side of such an intercultural relationship and of course your frustrations? I currently live in Cape Town,and there is quite a number of them here as well. Tklabelle: Lol is there a place without nigerians?! However those things that initially attracts you, later become a nuisance.

I spend most of my time teaching and make search for the human right defence and world preservation.

I love humanitarian service I am medium slim and tall man.

Here is an excerpt from her article: What is it with Kenyan women and Nigerian men? He is not like the unromantic Kenyan men who don’t text you back or return your calls. Softening you up by leading you to believe that you have found the one. He throws money at you: No man in his right mind will throw money at a woman.