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Dating greeting cards

It includes cards printed by hand like those produced by Sockl and Nathan and also mass-produced cards (a subsequent production method) like those produced by Marcus Ward & Co and Raphael Tuck & Sons.

' Don't lose the opportunity to flirt with your loved ones by sending this special flirty greetings card.

The only complaint we have is actually how the save the date portion is positioned on the left on almost all the save the date cards' design, except for this "Label of Love" one!!! We originally were going with "Best Date Ever Save The Date", because the save the date portion looks simpler and the fonts for the date are much bigger and eye catching.

But the problem with most of the one-photo save the date cards on this website is that the "save the date" portion is almost always on the left.

See, most vintage greeting cards have been signed and mailed. Who needs a 1970s card to Aunt Emily from Beatrice and the kids? Most vintage greeting cards aren’t worth a lot of money, at least individually. Back in the mid to late 1800s, greeting cards were often hand painted by noted artists such as Kate Greenaway, and featured elaborate lifestyle scenes, floral motifs, animals and other designs.