Start Dating lucky singapore love in 2016

Dating lucky singapore love in 2016

Be it good or bad, Singaporean guys tend to create their own stereotypes.

How can you tell if a girl/guy likes you in a country where ‘yes’ can mean ‘no’?

Or read peoples’ emotions where pretty much no-one wears their heart on their sleeve?

The George Clooney is WAY older, attractive, unshaven and almost always seen with his hair in a quiff.

Needless to say, The George Clooney is a common feature at atas events like watch launches and art gallery openings and always has a gorgeous (much younger) woman with him.

And how do you interact with a nation of shy people who always seem to have their head down and nose buried in a book/iphone game?

Fear not, scratch your head in bewilderment no longer – as myself, Grace (famous for her “My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy” story) and Martin of Asian Dating Monthly have put our heads together and distilled our combined two decades of Japanese dating experience to bring you these top tips, which will help you navigate the seas of romance in Japan.

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