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Three pieces of Churaumi Aquarium original postcards are group presents♪ 2350 yen for adults → [attention] ※It is not available for admission charges to each pay facility, sight-seeing car, photoservice. Address Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa character Ishikawa 424 Phone number 09 Wednesday every year first closed days in December and the next day HP: When do Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium antenna shop umichuraradeo shopping; as zamasapo privilege for 10% discount!

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zamasapotoha, the cause of cooperation of all of prefecture companies supporting zamami village, the zamami village ship suspension of service. " It is privilege of only at the time of the zamami village ship suspension of service that we can receive when we have you convey these words in the case of reservation, inquiry ♪ Web screen or date begins, and, on the use, please show ticket.

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You come to zamami village to play on the next time, and please enjoy. Web screen the following>>You download "zamasapo passport" than QR code whether downloading clicks this In addition, we can get confirmation and brochure of the service details at "Kerama Islands tourist information center" in Lawson facing in Tomarin!

▲Kerama Islands tourist information center (7 days a week from to ) 098-943-6315 It is located in the center of Naha, and access to airport, port, monorail is good, too and is within walking distance to Kokusai Street.

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