Start Dating schrade uncle henry knives

Dating schrade uncle henry knives

There will be no more original Schrade knives produced, making the few Schrade knives we have left extremely collectable. Some of the Schrade Knives on this page are USA made; the import models are notated. A., Schrade's Uncle Henry and Old Timer knife products have been carried by generations of Americans, and prized for their reliability, durability and value-and with the advent of Schrade X-Timer and Q3 technology, Schrade jumps into the high-tech end of the market: bringing to bear 100 years of knife making experience to craft the next generation of Schrade knives.

If people are satisfied with their purchase, this can be very helpful to you in deciding. These prices change based on availability or special promotions.

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When you need a little more utility per ounce in your hunting toolkit, the Pro Trapper pocketknife will be a sure bet.

In 2003, the strength of Schrade's design concepts and engineering continues to move forward with exciting, cutting edge product introductions and a respect for tradition.

Representing the newest of the new is Q3 Technology for Quick, Quiet and Quality offering a series of multi-functional folders designed for maximum performance.

But generally: $ = $10 to $15, $$ = $15 to $20, $$$ = $20 to $25, $$$$ = $25 to $30 This chart is only a selection of all available knives.

There are so many models, it’s impossible to include all knives in this list.

Cool cracked ice celluloid handle scales, the front scale is etched "ELMHURST CONTRACTING CO. High carbon steel letter opener blade and folding spear point blade.