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Dating skam 2016

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Music was playing loudly — a bass-heavy Norwegian pop song, or maybe something by an American rapper. That’s exactly how it went down, at least according to Erlend, a scruffy 25-year-old who works in the Norwegian music industry. the birthplace of Skam, a ridiculously popular coming-of-age drama series that depicts the lives of fictional local teenagers.

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So there you have a naked picture of me, that you have taken without my consent, so not only is it illegal that you took it, but it’s also illegal that you kept it on your phone.” “So if I were you, I’d be damn careful not to share it.” This prompted Norway’s Police Net Patrol to praise the show on its Facebook page: “Way to go, Noora! Noora refers to the old Penal Code in terms of the naked pictures of her, but what Niko has done is still a criminal offence, and this provision is found in Penal Code §311.” A third series of Skam was confirmed last week at Nordic Media Days.