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Dating spoof video

Kevin Rudd, the current prime minister, also features in the video, at one point declaring that he is from Queensland, "that's as racist as it gets".

He also refers to martinis as “‘tinis,” which might be enough for us to never casually download Tinder “for research purposes” ever again.

The video was written and directed by Connor Hines, with whom — full disclosure — I took theater class in undergrad. Hines also plays the “Trent” character, alongside Katie Corwin as “Maeve” and Diana Stern — with whom I also took theater class — as the waitress.

“My friends, some of them go on what feels like twelve [Tinder] dates a week,” Mr. “It’s amazing — morning coffee, lunch, Sunday walks in Brooklyn — I found it astounding. Somebody needs to be doing something with this.” When Mr.