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Does anderson cooper dating anyone

The buzz at CNN is that Cooper could use the opportunity of Griffin’s firing to bring his longtime buddy, Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” star Andy Cohen, into his NYE broadcast. The source said, “Anderson wants Andy to co-host with him.

Sources said Griffin had expected CNN “golden boy” Cooper to stand by her, but the news network swiftly announced she was fired from the NYE broadcast with Cooper, which they’ve done together for 10 years.

The gag backfired on the comedian, who has since had dozens of appearances across the country canceled CNN also fired Griffin from her hosting gig on New Year's Eve Live that she shared with Cooper About an hour into his show with Andy Cohen, the talk show host introduced the topic, perhaps preempting an audience member from bringing it up during a Q&A segment that eventually followed, reported The Arizona Republic.

Cooper said: 'She and I have been friends for a long time and I want nothing but good things for her.'After the photo went public last week, Cooper tweeted on May 30 that he found the picture 'clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate'.

She grew disillusioned with her homosexual life and wanted to change."That was a decision that I wanted to make in my own life," Melissa said.