Start Four years of dating

Four years of dating

In my opinion, the choice to commit starts when those feelings of love begin to lessen.

Since then, the actress starred in the spin-off of the CW series, entitled “The Originals”.

The news of their split came in the exact same day the CW series had their last episode.

Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin have been dating for almost four years.

Also, ‘The Originals’ actress deleted several pictures of her and Paul from her social media accounts.

Celebrity couples with a four-year age gap include actress Gwyneth Paltrow, 40 and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, 36, who have been married for nine years and have two children.

Paltrow defied convention by choosing a younger man.

The person in the relationship who chooses to let go after a few years usually comes up with the worst excuses:“I'm just not in love with you anymore.” “I can't pinpoint what it is exactly, but it just doesn't feel right.” “You are such an awesome person and there's nothing wrong with you; I just don't feel like this is going anywhere.”Allow me to provide you with some comfort in telling you that this person is not worth your tears. This individual has a naive and superficial idea of how relationships actually work.