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The story is interesting too; it is recommended to try all the characters out as the endings do tie in with each other. If you're new, this is a good place to start At first glance this file seemed excessive to me - twenty dollars for a standard-length "healing" type of relaxation file? However, when you look closer it begins to make sense: a top-grade professional voice talent, and professional design talent working on the file, etc... This file might just be the best produced, best sounding, most professionally voiced of all the files on DLsite, and if you're into the kind of thing it does, I have to recommend it.

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With that being said, it is understood that the world we live in is not exactly a safe place.

What as intended to be a wonderful weekend, or adventure filled week can become a nightmare when we don’t...

The third track is when I (you) go on a date with our doting barber.

Quite enjoyable, but the first two tracks steal the show.

My only complaint might be that the audio seems very low at times.

The quality and consistency however more than make up for it.

(Thy Black When it comes to dating in the real world, a quick glance for a ring is a check most of us make when we are single and meet an attractive...