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In Yangon, as Peter Popham details, the city is "one of the most beautiful in Asia," with the area around the Shewedagon Pagoda becoming a hive of activity at night, with tiny lanes crowded with food stalls and young children in pyjamas tucking into a pre bedtime snack on the street.

From then on, they played a ghoulish game of hide-and-seek with the military: Whenever the family heard the soldiers approaching, they hastily packed necessary belongings—rice, salt, blankets—and scrambled to another temporary shelter.

Paw Toe Ki recalls her father telling his children, “We’ll eat only porridge from now on, because the people don’t have enough rice.

And the grins from voters camping outside polling stations hours before they opened indicated two things: they were practically all voting for the same party, the NLD; and they were optimistic that this time their preference would be respected. The result was a landslide win for Suu Kyi’s party, to the consternation of the ruling military junta, which hurriedly decided it wasn’t a real election at all, locking up the MPs-elect who were not quick enough to jump the border.

No further gambles with popular opinion were taken until 2010, after the junta had rammed through a constitution armour-plating the military’s role in government.

Burmese sex workers also operate in Yunnan, China, particularly the border town of Ruili.

The majority of Burmese prostitutes in Thailand are from ethnic minorities.

We must be tough and strong for our people.” The rare moments her father returned home from his pro-democracy duties, Paw Toe Ki and her siblings tiptoed about the stranger they called “father.” At night, the stoic man called his children onto his mat to sing for him.

Today Paw Toe Ki sings the same songs to her children: “Come into my heart, Lord Jesus.

Burma may not be a country associated with a lively city environment or a home of prosperous individuals in Porsches, but Peter Popham's video diary offers an intriguing insight into life in Yangon.

The capital of the country until 2006, Yangon is a smorgasbord of colonial-era buildings, high-rises and impoverished outskirts.

Then one day after polling, the sun came out and the shadows fell away.