Start Friends first or dating

Friends first or dating

That said, it’s not all sunshine and roses if you try to be platonic first, then romantic.

We all live in seperate apartments and as of right now Girl and I are planning to move in together in the summer but I am a little hesitant because of her behavior, which I have talked to her about. Take the last few days for example - John stopped by Girl's apartment late on Thursday night, they hung out late and he ended up staying the night on the couch.

Girl went to her home, then went for a jog down to John's house and stayed to eat lunch and hang out for about 4-5 hours before leaving.

This week is just an example of what happens on a weekly basis.

dating advice for men, dating advice for women, dating and relationships, dating Q and A, Dating questions, dating questions and answers, online dating, relationship, relationship advice, relationships, self help I’d heard from an early age that the best way to build a long and happy relationship was to establish a friendship first. I’m of the mind that you should consider your partner a friend, but I don’t think that you have to go out of your way to be friends with someone first before jumping into a relationship.