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But this collection of films shows island life before the steel-and-glass towers and the elevated expressways, when Hong Kong and the neighbouring New Territories were still parts of a rugged but rapidly developing outpost of the British Empire.

These photos show Rurik Jutting while he was a pupil at the £34,000-a-year boarding school, Winchester College.

One photo was published in the 2000-2001 yearbook while the other featured in the 2002-2003 edition Speaking to the Evening Standard, friends from Jutting's Winchester College days described him as 'very sharp, very bright, and perceptive' and 'more a leader than a follower' while a pupil at the exclusive school.

Where I live, this is the kind of house you can have for that same amount of money.

But what these films preserve is a largely lost Hong Kong, a city whose recent past is vanishing and whose ever-shifting landscape is fading from recognition. Traditional Duanwu Festival dragon-boat racing share the waters with Royal Navy warships enjoying the interwar calm.

There was no anger in Mr Mujiharso’s words as he told how the last conversation he had had with his daughter - last Thursday night in Hong Kong - related to money she was sending back to the family in their home on the island of Muna.’Have you received the remittances?

’ he said she asked him, to which he said he was still checking and would call her back.

But when he made that call a woman claiming to be Seneng’s friend told him she was ‘gone’ and asked him not to tell anyone.