Start Hotchat without sighning up

Hotchat without sighning up

They seem to raise so much, so often,and it never leads to the next set of results seeing the real benefits of investment.

Also there is no way they will get anyone signing up to the extra placement - unless the shares seriously bump from 2p now (which is unlikely). And I see this company sucker people in over the years - and even My Ry seems to have a 'sucker' sign on his / her?

Well anyways as you can probably tel im a bit of a nerd and proud of it to be honest, Names Chloe 19 year old girl from florida, guess thats all there is about that for now,...

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Shocking that they are allowed to say that their results were 'broadly in line with market expectations' - given that Finn Cap has said 4.5M revenue and breakeven (instead of 3.9M and loss 0.6M). Read my earlier posts for my rationale posting - you would have to be barking mad to buy this stock and / or to buy into what mgmt say. Purely to correct you (again) - I am the founder of the company and was CEO from 1994 when the firm was created to June 2010 when your fanboy CEO from Octopus Investments (as you seem to be a strong fan) took over the company.

The company is very, very luck that the share price mostly held at 2p - otherwise they would be looking at a 60-70% dilution instead of almost 40%. With me in charge we outperformed the market by 40% and survived the 2008 - 2010 recession - and with Cooper in charge the rebased share price went from 720 to 2 (based by Google) - and had to raise another 6M to survive (whilst continuing to make this year another 600K loss). (for others) 1) I have a new business in the space and so look at competitive products 2) I did lose 10M in market value (those shares if I still had them would now be worth about 400 quid.

I bet your last name is Jacobs - because you’re a real cracker!

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