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Interactive sex free

I placed a wooden box of 1x2x2 meters on the “World Press Photo” event.

For instance, "if fellatio is being given during a scene, a sensation will be generated and instantly transmitted to a user's wireless interactive sex toy, providing them with e-pleasure courtesy of their favorite pornstar, matching up with the action playing out on screen," Pornhub wrote in a news release.

The videos are free, but get the full experience you'll need a $249.00 Kiiroo Onyx or $199.95 Fleshlight Launch male masturbator.

But don’t worry too much, ladies: There is a plan to introduce female-friendly toys from Oh Mi Bod, We-Vibe, Kiroo, and Lovense soon.

So you hopefully won’t be left out in the cold for long.

Free a Girl is an organisation that opposes international (child) prostitution.

Worldwide there is forced prostitution, women sleep in tiny cubicles and they have sex with their “clients”.

The massive adult entertainment platform has just launched an entirely new and very NSFW category of videos that are meant to be used in conjunction with interactive sex toys.