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Intimidating polish translation

This caused a bit of scandal, because in French, GPT is pronounced “J'ai pété”, which means, “I farted.” Money was lost and reputations were damaged.

Łukasiewicz notation, Warsaw notation, Polish prefix notation or simply prefix notation, is a form of notation for logic, arithmetic, and algebra.

Its distinguishing feature is that it places operators to the left of their operands.

Situations like this that stem from language or cultural misunderstandings cost businesses (in the US alone! Here’s something even more amazing than that: Fixing these blunders does not require a mastery level in any of the languages.

In each of these cases, even an intermediate level speaker in the language could have prevented these mistakes from happening, saved these companies money, time, and resources, and allowed them to build relationships with these new markets, rather than alienating them.

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The Szpejankowski family has its roots in the village of Strzygi in the administrative district of Gmina Osiek within Brodnicka County, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodship, in north-central Poland.

Because of this, Lisp (see below) and related programming languages define their entire syntax in terms of prefix notation (and others use postfix notation).