Start Intimidating shout bandage macro

Intimidating shout bandage macro

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I started playing World of Warcraft a year and a half ago. He made it to level 13 on my trial account, and I left the game for 6 months until I purchased it out of boredom. He's been the only character I took past level 25, and the only one I play now. Being that World of Warcraft is an MMORPG, content is always subject to change, be upgraded, become different. As a writer, there is only so long guides can be updated, and eventually the mechanics of Wo W will move beyond this guide, whether it be when the level cap is raised to 90, or 100.

Note that you can cast the beneficial spell on yourself by mouseovering the player frame, so "mod:ctrl" (or "alt") condition can better be used to modify the spells (example below).

#showtooltip /cast [nomod:ctrl,harm,nodead] Fireball, [mod:ctrl,harm,nodead] Pyroblast /cast [target=mouseover,help,nodead,exists] [nomod:ctrl,help,nodead] Arcane Intellect /cast [mod:ctrl,help,nodead] Arcane Brilliance This convenient macro will cast Fireball / Pyroblast (depending on whether or not "Ctrl" was pressed) on a harmable target, Arcane Intellect on selected or mouseovered friendly target (mouseover the player frame to buff yourself), and Arcane Brilliance on a friendly target if "Ctrl" was pressed.

For the advanced arena players, you will probably not read anything here you haven't learnt already, and I at least hope you guys will find the FAQ a fun read.