Start Invalidating a deed of trust

Invalidating a deed of trust

I fully realize that if the marriage had actually been legalized and filed, that it would not have had any validity due to the marriage.

If you and your siblings wish to surrender the property to the bank, they will probably be happy to accept a quitclaim from you.

In my opinion, they should bear the costs associated with the transfer - it's much cheaper and faster for them than foreclosure.

My question involves real estate located in the State of: Florida Last year my Father passed away, he quit claimed his house to me and my sisters.

we have been paying the mortgage for the past year, but have all decided that we can no longer continue, the bank stated that he could not quit claim because of their lien.

He found out later that the marriage certificate was never filed or recorded My question is this: Since on the quit claim, he is classified as married, but the marriage never went thru and the marriage certificate was never recorded.

Does this make the quit claim invalid since, when he signed it, he technically wasn't married but the quit claim states that he is?

Petitioners later sued to compel a transfer of the property they were to receive under the 2007 trust amendment because they claimed that the 2007 trust amendment was made pursuant to an oral contract with Weigle not to revoke that trust provision and the later amendments constituted a breach of that contract.