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Is mindy kaling dating

You know, Angelina dropping off the kids, how am I going to compete with that?

'I was very lucky that the show started up at that time so I could just throw myself into it and distract myself.

I don’t think the way that I’ve dealt with my mother’s passing has been ideal,' Mindy said.

Das Büro (TV Series) (co-executive producer - 75 episodes, 2008 - 2011) (producer - 29 episodes, 2006 - 2008) (executive producer - 15 episodes, 2011 - 2012) (consulting producer - 9 episodes, 2011 - 2012) Well, all the guys want to have sex with me all the time.

She is also known for her work on the NBC sitcom The Office, where she portrayed the character Kelly Kapoor, for which she also served as executive producer, writer, and director.

"For the storyline, it’s been very good, but for me personally, it was probably one of the worst decisions," she said of writing in a pregnancy for her character.

Wearing the belly prop is fine, she explained, "but I eat like I’m pregnant when I’m not actually pregnant so it’s been a disaster for my health!

"And I think people get a little disappointed because my true self, I could never do that, have a one-night stand." See more Watch Mindy Kaling Try to Kiss Matt Damon in Her Nationwide Super Bowl Ad Why, exactly?