Start Is ruby gettinger dating denny

Is ruby gettinger dating denny

Even Ruby's good friend, actress Brittany Daniels, gets in on the action and flies out for a weekend to get her ready for the rough road ahead.

Now, she's 100 pounds lighter and on the verge of getting below 350 pounds for the first time in her recent memory.

For the others who can not get my show pls click here and this should help U be able 2 watch ABOUT THE LADIES RETREAT: I am so sorry 2 tell ya'll, but Paula had 2 cancel the Lady's Retreat 4 now.

I should have some good news 4 u in a mth so keep praying & do not give up! Thank YOU US, South Africa, London, Australia, Canada, etc... I would never want someone to judge and condemn me. We have no idea what another person is going through or what brought them to their today; we have never traveled down their road.

Now at 361 pounds, Ruby is one step closer to dipping under 350 pounds for the first time in her adult life.