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Jill scott dating lamman

These days, she's very focused on finding the right one and she usually knows when she's met someone special after about six months of dating."I'm older now so I see a little bit better than I did before.

He is searching for a perfect soulmate, but not a guy. #NY & LA Fam, PLEASE support this powerful documentary film "Black Women in Medicine" produced/directed by Crystal Emery.

We need to continue amplify these positive images of black women rising above inequality to become leaders in their field!

We were laughing hysterically at the staged antics coming in via a bent TV antennae wrapped around and supported by a coat hanger. But I also think it's very important that you have a cast that is setting an example to some degree.

It was the live telecast of Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns. Or that he was on the brink of dominating the entertainment industry with his self-written allegories on the human spirit. Tyler Perry: So, on your new album that came out Tuesday, that People Magazine named the sexiest album of the year, you have a song called Celibacy. If that's the type of people and characters that we are, I found it very impressive that it was important that we were modeling at least certain types of behavior that other people would listen to and would emulate. Sharon Leal: I think part of Tyler's appeal, the reason he's so loved and his fan base is so huge, is because it's undeniable. If you go to his website, he writes letters personally to his fans and gives them an opportunity to talk. Whatever it's going to be, let it be." It turned out to be this great movie.

After all, this ESSENCE Black Women in Music honoree has written some of the most sensual and heartwarming love ballads of the last two decades.

But her new role in Lifetime's romantic comedy, So what does Jill want?

According to one of Media Take’s faithful Jill Scott and actor Lamman Rucker were coupled up at BET’s Honor Awards.