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If you're coming from Diamond City, make sure to pass the area with the Super Mutants and pass the tunnel. West of University Point, east of Shaw High School Occupants: Swarming with Ghouls. Once the Minutemen from Concord make it here, you'll be able to use the Workshop. North of Saugus Ironworks, east of Listening Point Bravo. Complete the Search the Atomatoys Factory for Toy Parts quest to gain access to the Workshop in this settlement. Grab some Rad-X and Rad-Away and swim over to Spectacle Island.

There are a lot of Ghouls in the entire town, so you'll need to clear them out before you can use the Workshop in in the building to the left of the Mayor's home. East of Longneck Lukowski's Cannery, south of the Museum of Witchcraft. Location: On an island in the bottom right corner of the map. The place is swarming with high level Mirelurks, including deadly variations.

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