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Phone charging voltage instability or use of non-original charger may cause touchscreen failure, we recommend that you try to use Xiaomi original data cable and charger when charging, and choose a more stable voltage charge; 2.- If you have water stains or stains affecting the touch screen, wipe the screen after use; 3 Upgrade your Redmi Note to the latest stable version; 4.-On dial interface, enter * # * # 64663 # * # *, enter the hardware detection, select the touch screen test - Menu key - touch screen calibration.

NEW DELHI: 2017 is turning out to be the year of the mobile consumer.

While Reliance Jio continues to top the freebies list, Idea Cellular has decided to catch up with extra data and unlimited calling plans.

China mobile networks operates much in the same way, however there are a few wrinkles that you should be aware of — so here is a guide to help you figure out which SIM card to get when you come to China. Network: The 2nd largest mobile carrier in China, and is the only carrier that has 3G that will work with phones from outside China.

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To fix this, you can do the following: Solution: 1 During the call, the face will block proximity sensors (proximity sensor in the phone on the left earpiece, a closer look will see two secretly dot oh), so a black screen is normal.

If you move your face away from the screen, the screen will automatically light up, allowing you to record notes and perform hands-free operations.

You will also probably want to get a VPN for China so you can connect to Facebook, Google, and Youtube.