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Lupe fiasco dating

In the two years since the remarkably dense Tetsuo & Youth, Lupe Fiasco has emancipated himself from a long-rocky relationship with Atlantic Records, promised three albums, canceled them with talk of retirement and popped Twitter shots at the major label executives that he felt mishandled his career.

In addition, Tip, Jarobi, and company also recalled a thankfully short-lived beef with 2Pac dating from a production foul-up at the 1994 Source Awards.

He's using less words, more melodies and less tangled punchlines: It's assumed that he's not trying to "Dumb It Down" like he said in his 2007 single, but actively embracing some of the things that more fashionable types of rap has to offer. Tetsuo & Youth outtake "LAW (Love All Ways") sounds like the earnest song-rap style that Childish Gambino has since abandoned for Seventies funk cool, complete with clunky puns ("I’m Treadstone but I feel shit/That’s Bourne knowledge").

Most telling is "Promise," where he adopts Future's Auto-Tuned cloak to say "I keep it a hundred, I promise" and borrows' Migos' giddy triplet flow to say, "I'm sober, I'm sober, I'm sober, I'm sober." Fiasco's funhouse mirror view on contemporary rap gives overtly conscious material a clever spin. "Pick Up the Phone" sounds like Imagine Dragons with rap verses.

Dee-1 enlisted Big Krit and Lupe Fiasco to hop on the remix for his track “Against Us” and the New Orleans native details being challenged by Lupe Fiasco to adhere to his beliefs when he cursed on his verse of the song during the recording process.