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Mtf dating advice

Part of me is tempted to say this is universal—that everyone kind of hates it. Of course, I didn’t self-identify as a woman inside—so that part wasn’t easy.

Plus, since I live in a small community, there aren’t many opportunities to date and less of a selection of potential partners.

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But there’s no denying that the dating part itself presented fewer challenges as a cis-gendered person.

The more I sit with this realization, the more I am convinced that a huge element of the challenge came from the fact that dating sites and other social media groups geared toward dating just aren't that “user-friendly” for trans people.

Furthermore, there tends not to be much flexibility when it comes to stating your sexual orientation.

Since I identify as a trans male, and my sexual preference is for females, I have been left with only one option in the online dating world: heterosexual.

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