Start Nichkhun dating victoria real

Nichkhun dating victoria real

Victoria wants to cook piping hot cuisine , taking up the challenge to cook sweet and sour pork.

She is a member of the girl group miss A under JYP Entertainment and is best known for her roles in the musical drama Dream High (2011), romantic film Architecture 101 (2012), historical-fantasy Gu Family Book (2013) and melodrama Uncontrollably Fond (2016).

After a successful promotion period of seven weeks, the group came back in October with a new title track, "Breathe", from the second single Step Up.

They promoted the song for a month and had their last goodbye stage on November 7.

In January 2014, Yoona and actor Lee Seung Gi were confirmed to be in a relationship since September 2013.

On the 13 of August 2015, both stars confirmed they broke up after dating for a year and nine months due to busy schedules.

In short, Nichkhun admitted that he would be happy to have Victoria as his girlfriend!

But what are her thoughts on being a real couple with him?

Furthermore, Nichkhun helped Victoria to wear her apron naturally and that backhug scene. Especially, the scene where both of them were sleeping on the bed, audiences commented “that scene has been etched in my memory ever since” , ” it’s too sweet and lovely !!!