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Ordinary dating

, the series is a sweet and absurdist look at the surreal life-and-death stakes of dating and the quest for love—centered on Josh Greenberg (Baruchel).

), well, you might want to sit down before reading about the latest site making waves.

If there were ever a new kid on the block of Christian writing and speaking, it’s Caleb Breakey.

""Caleb connects well with the audience, communicates clearly, and he is passionate about writing.

Armed with this list of summer activities from awesome bloggers around the web, be prepared to say good riddance to the familiar phrase, “Mom, I’m Bored! – store all the supplies necessary for blowing bubbles (wand, detergent, bubbles) in one convenient and cute spot. *4/28/2016 update: This blog is private now, but as you can see from the picture, it just takes a 5 gallon bucket, some bubble solution, and some fun bubble wands!