Start Parul and kinshuk dating

Parul and kinshuk dating

Yes, I know that Parul Chauhan is a known actor in television, as she is in the famous show Bidaai.

But even before we arrive at the above-said date, the news is that Parul Chauhan and Yashdeep Nain of Perfect Bride are the latest love birds in television industry.

However, Yashdeep when contacted laughed at this news and said, "I just want to tell all that I am single and am not seeing anyone.

Says producer Rajan Shahi, "They were so close that used to even share a make-up room.

They have seen success together, and were like Siamese twins." However, the bonding lasted only till the serial was on air.

“In a daily show, you are shooting for 12 hours a day and along with your commuting time, you stay busy for about 14 hours. So I try to spend some time with my family before I leave, and then we catch up again once I’m back home.

I also take out time specially for them on my holidays,” he says. Now I will put in my 200 percent to find the right project both on TV as well as films,” he adds.

Not many know that Sara and Parul, who made their TV debuts in , are not on talking terms.

However, at one point, they were the best of friends.

Our bond has only got stronger with time,” says Kinshuk, who shares the screen with Shivya in their show Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka.

Meanwhile, Kinshuk, who struggling with long schedules, says it’s quite challenging to find time for family and balance it all.

After all this drama on national TV, still he has managed to get a girl from the tele-world and she is none other than bahu Parul.