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“I talked with women who did wish that somehow they could be in an accident and be done with having kids, because they were exhausted. And they wanted to keep honoring God and keep having babies but they couldn’t physically imagine doing it anymore.” Meanwhile, Reyenga says her partner battled the same hope for a tragedy—“wondering, like, ‘Is it possible that some sort of car accident could happen where… ’ Or, ‘Maybe I’ll get testicular cancer or something.’” “It got to be bizarre to think about.

This wasn’t received too well by their faith community.

It’s not often that you hear a happy-ending to a story about being raised in a fundamentalist Christian home and coming to the realization that your husband is transgender.

That’s probably why Melissa Reyenga’s blog has been getting so much buzz.

Watching Michelle Duggar manage her Herculean tasks is addictive.