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Rafael ramfis trujillo dating

He took control of the Dominican Republic on , after his father was assassinated.

Also involved in the plot was Antonio Imbert who had been Governor of Puerto Plata province.

Both Amiama and Imbert are tough guys and ambitious.

At the age of 16 he got a job as a telegraph operator, but lost that job after joining a street gang and committing a series of crimes that ended with an arrest for forging a check.

In 1916 he married Aminta Ledesima, with whom he had two daughters -- Genoveva, who was born and died in 1914, and Flor de Oro Trujillo Ledesma, born in 1915 and who later married Porfirio Rubirosa.

Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina was the third of 11 children, born to lower-middle-class parents in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic, on October 24, 1891.

After receiving an elementary education, he worked as a telegraph operator and a guard on a sugar plantation. His military career quickly progressed and by 1927 he was named commander in chief of the National Army.

With Vasquez in exile and the power of government up for grabs, Trujillo eliminated his political rivals through intimidation or force and won the next presidential election unchallenged, ushering in the “Era of Trujillo.” Within months of taking over the presidency, the capital city of Santo Domingo was virtually destroyed and 2,000 people were killed by a hurricane that ripped through the Dominican Republic in early September.