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Digital Spy has helpfully compiled a list of the most burning questions that desperately need answers in series two next year.1. It's unlikely we'll ever get a full explanation for this, but perhaps we'll be able to understand in series two why specific people are chosen to come back. The flooding, the watery grave, the falling dam water? Presuming the one final person they wanted was Adele's baby, why did the returned not want Serge back?

Corporate Office: 401-789-6666 [email protected] "We thoroughly enoyed working with Bob Bailey in the sale of our home.

He is very diligent and it is because of his pre-sale legwork that we sold our home so quickly.

on Sunday night (July 28) left many TV fans scratching their heads in confusion.

The spooky French supernatural series piled mystery on top of mystery and answered very few (if any) of the questions that it posed to viewers throughout the first series.

Pierre vs Victor vs Louis Pierre and his sinister eyebrows were involved in the murder of Louis/Victor. And how was he able to combat Louis/Victor's 'vision' of the returning gunman? Speaking of Victor, what was he doing standing in front of the coach?

The national news may be interested in an impending zombie apocalypse.7. Pierre seems to know much more about the whole situation than us and everyone else. And is the Helping Hand of particular significance?

But what is it like to be an actor handed the task of bringing these scenes to life for an increasingly exacting audience?

As job specs go, it’s a curious one: in making sex scenes, actors need to create the illusion of intimacy, lust or attraction with a stranger (or worse, a friend), all while being mindful of a list of technical and choreographic specifications.

Afternoon Report for SF-San Mateo County: Small, fading NW windswell and some small SSW swell offers up knee-waist high surf to good exposures, while standouts see some chest high sets.

Winds are moderate-strong from the WNW now, adding a fair amount of texture and crumble to most breaks.

MANILA, Philippines—Justice Secretary Leila De Lima’s alleged illicit affairs with certain men, including a married driver, were named in an affidavit that Sandra Cam has submitted to the Commission on Appointments (CA) to oppose de Lima’s confirmation.