Start Reasoning for consolidating theft offenses

Reasoning for consolidating theft offenses

Specific ORS references have not been substituted, pursuant to 173.160.

himself; an intention to destroy it, sell it, or abandon it in circumstances where it will not be found is sufficient.

Automobile theft, for example, frequently involves selling the stolen car or its parts.

After the store's security guards were alerted to the scam, they asked defendant to show them the gift card receipts and the payment cards used. When he was told that the numbers on the cards did not match those on the receipts, he began walking away, ignored the security guards' requests to stop, and then shoved one of the guards. Defendant was later charged with and convicted of several offenses, including, as relevant here, robbery and theft. An element of robbery is the “felonious taking of personal property in the possession of another․” (Pen.