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The result, he said, would fill a growing need in the city."There's going to be a great deal more demand of apartments for households earning $40,000 and below," he said, also noting new home construction starting at $270,000 fails to meet the demand, as well.

In numerous cases, the dealer, Frontier Autohaus, accepted cars for trade-in that still had remaining loan balances and failed to pay off these balances before reselling the cars to unwitting consumers.

As a result, previous owners remained on the hook for their original loan, and new owners were unable to register their vehicles.

At the same time, he pointed to 482 affordable apartment that the city has approved in his ward since April 2015.

Robert Hickey of Grounded Solutions Network, who prepared the report, said the proposed policies seek to encourage developers to build more apartments and homes that would be affordable to people earning up to 50 percent of the area median income.

Encouragement could come with tax-increment financing that focuses on affordable apartments, with help in marketing less-expensive homes or through other incentives.

Council member Nick Campion said it does start to address a priority the council discussed Friday during a retreat with city department heads, which is creating an attractive and affordable city to draw needed workers to the region.

Assistant City Administrator Gary Neumann said the 50-page report, which was received last week, includes policies that could be implemented locally and some that likely would conflict with existing state policies."Instead of mandating a percentage of a product at a certain price point, we need to create the proper housing market for the people that are coming to Rochester," he said in an email.

"This can be accomplished through partnerships with the city, nonprofits or other agencies to mitigate risk that comes with innovative, lower-cost housing types." Local Government Reporter Randy is the Post Bulletin's local government reporter, covering the city of Rochester and Olmsted County, as well as Destination Medical Center efforts.

Since that announcement, about half the students have complied, but 103 students remained noncompliant on Tuesday.

When those students arrive at school on Wednesday, they will be removed from classrooms and brought into school offices, where administrators will try to reach parents to resolve the situation, said Heather Nessler, a spokeswoman for Rochester Public Schools.

Students can be exempted if there is a medical reason or if the parent or guardian provides a notarized statement saying it’s a violation of their “conscientiously held beliefs.” Minnesota is one of 18 states that allow exemptions for philosophical or personal beliefs.

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