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Rodney alcala dating game pics

Rodney Alcala's bizarre defence strategy included lyrics from an Arlo Guthrie song and showing an episode of sixties US TV show 'The Dating Game' - the American forerunner of Britain's 'Blind Date'.

He also cross-examined police investigators and answered his own questions while taking the stand in his own defence.

Alcala has been sentenced to death twice before in the 1979 murder of 12-year-old Robin Samsoe, but those verdicts were overturned on appeal.


(CBS/AP) Investigators with the Huntington Beach, Calif., police department say they have identified at least 21 women from serial killer Rodney Alcala’s archive of hundreds of photos, and thankfully none are missing persons or homicide victims.

But they say they still have over 100 women, and two young men, yet to be identified and continue to ask for the public’s help.

One of the more than 500 calls received after releasing the photos came from a parent who was adamant that one of the photos in Alcala’s catalog was that of their murdered daughter, only to learn that Alcala was in custody in Orange County when the young woman was killed, Huntington Beach Police Capt.

Prosecutors refiled charges in that case and added the four other murders in 2006 after investigators linked them to Alcala using DNA samples and other forensic evidence.

Those cases, which had gone unsolved for decades, went on trial for the first time this year.

A few are of young men in sexually suggestive poses.

Relatives of four women and a 12-year-old girl brutally slain in the late 1970s exploded in applause yesterday when a jury recommended death for a convicted serial killer.

" Detectives recovered hundreds of photos during court-authorized searches of Alcala's Monterey Park home and a rented storage locker.