Start Ruby linwallace huodating rumor

Ruby linwallace huodating rumor

[ 1199] This year Liu Shishi got married, Yuan Hong got married, Wallace Huo got married......

This week, after Ruby and Wallace announced their wedding for the end of July (this month!!

[ 14879] Journalist you come out and explain to everyone what does marrying beneath her mean? [ 13874] Woman who's in love is the prettiest, it's even better if she's pregnant! [ 13322] I want to ask, if a girl who carries such a small bag don't put it there, then does she hold it above her head?

If it's held above her head she'll probably be accused of showing of her wealth and bag, sigh, this is hard 5. [ 2949] Today is not a good time to scroll through Weibo 3.

This only tells us one fact, as long as a woman is outstanding enough, age is not a problem. [ 4002] Should be pregnant~ Has a baby inside~ Mothers can't help but protect their bellies~ Congratulations~ If you were to have babies a few years later you'll be too old~ It's just right to have babies now, I've always liked Ruby Lin, reserved! [ 1908] Journalist are you still in nursery school, everyone knows that Ruby Lin is already 40, only you know that she's 36 9. [ 1283] Can't seem to finish eating dog food today First it's double Chen, now Huo Ge is getting married hhhhh, let's woof woof woof together (One 'eats dog food' when one is single and sees loving couples) 6. [ 37708] A man who's single, a woman who's single, one is handsome and aloof, one is pretty and elegant, one is the boss of showbiz, one is a golden level goddess, the two of them together complement each other.