Start Sara quin and kate cooper dating

Sara quin and kate cooper dating

Not to defend her because she does have some bad attitudes but even if she isn't a photographer she has taken some amazing pictures, but I do get when you say there are some that repeat a lot haha The 27th.

Plus they are self publishing 3 photography/short stories/poetry coffee table books with each featuring a different photography (Ryan Russell, Lyndsey Byrnes and another) sometime hopefully this spring.

Though there were some funny moments like when Tegan’s shirt poppped open and all the women in the crowd started screaming take it off.

To which Sara responded I think you bought tickets to the wrong event. Or when a girl in the audience proposed marriage to Sara and Tegan made fun of her for writing the proposal on wrapping paper and well for the girl being jail bait.

At the Orpheum theater which is gorgeous and huge my BFF and I caught the always intriguing and wonderful Tegan and Sara with Broken Social Scene wrapping up the evenings festivities.