Start Sex chat with a bot on mobile

Sex chat with a bot on mobile

A quiz format also works well, as "conversation" flows when followers are asked questions like, "Which of these is most true for you? The emphasis is mostly on practical topics, sharing product information and providing access to deals.

The timing looks right, because smartphone software is in flux.

Download numbers are still growing, but the app economy is evidently maturing.

Kalani's taught me a few things, but I'm still learning." Justin Rezvani, founder and CEO of The Amplify, said the company will be able to create credible bots for more sophisticated influencers that go way beyond make-up as a topic.

"The whole point is that what we are doing is not a scripted experience," he said.

But choosing the option to say 'I'm uncomfortable' doesn't always stop the bot from making advances. There's also concerns the bots can be accessed by minors.

The bots are a parody built to replicate a real life online dating experience, and Banana is "your average Tinder boy," according to Boost Juice.

It's called the bot (short for robot) -- a software application that automates the tasks that you normally perform, from checking out a hotel room to reserving a seat in a multiplex.